Light meal sunflower opened 🌻!

Machino Izumi official

2021/05/12 17:33


Hello everyone!

Food and drinks have been on sale in front of Machinoisemi since April

This is the maple of the owner of "Light Meal Sunflower" 😊

Previously as "Baked Sweet Potato Goku"

I was selling stone-grilled potatoes, so

Have you ever seen it β˜†

( Very overconfident )

Ishiyakiimo was also well received,

Those who come to buy many times

Those who come to talk, etc.

By standing on the street, many encounters

I learned.

Thank you 😊

And from April, we will try new things again!

So, we have opened a wide range of " light meal " sunflowers 🌻

As of now, the danger of the spread of the new coronavirus

While there are many companies and restaurants struggling to prevent

In takeaway style

For your health and delicious happiness

I hope I can help you.

For example! What kind of things are you selling ...

β˜† Korean Inari

I'm buzzing in Korea right now!

An open-type Inari shrine with a sesame oil flavor.

It is a strange Inari with corn mayo and meatballs on it.

β˜† Rice ball lunch

With sesame salt / grilled perilla miso / salted kelp etc.

A simple bento with omelet and side dishes.

β˜† Meal muffin

Muffin with side dish.

It is nutritious with lots of vegetable rumbling ingredients.

β˜† Various baked goods

Β·Pound Cake

We have 3 types of vanilla / matcha / banana.

・ Tofu biscuits

It is sugar-free and healthy.

・ Waffle of the day

Look forward to what comes out ✌️

And so on, various take-out light meals depending on the day

I prepared it.

Kyukan day ... a different different πŸ’¦

Holidays are Monday and Friday.

I will also describe the sales and sales contents 🌸

Tuesday β˜† Korean Inari / Various types of rice

οΌ‹ Various baked goods

Wednesday β˜† Korean Inari

From the evening part β˜† Meal muffin

οΌ‹ Various baked goods

Thursday β˜† Meal muffin

οΌ‹ Various baked goods

Only various baked goods will be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

For any questions or inquiries regarding details

Instagram direct message

Please use the gusset noise inquiry form.

Looking forward to seeing you more and more in the future

Greetings in front of Machinoisemi Aunt I will do my best, so

I would appreciate it if you could watch over with warm eyes.

It was surprisingly serious Kaede-chan β˜†

I also do Instagram, so

Follow that person too!

Nice to meet you β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

instagram β†’ maple_k1994

γƒšγƒΌγ‚Έγ‚’ε ±ε‘Šγ™γ‚‹


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