Efforts to achieve the SDGs

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Put an end to the "poverty in September 2015,

Sustainable future to pursue "things set a

It is a universal goal adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

To solve global issues by 2030

17 goals and to achieve them

169 specific targets are shown.

Machinoisemi is

"Connecting people and the city" / "Regional reconstruction"

"Equality and quality education"

About "measures for individual meals for the elderly, etc."

Select " CSR Priority Issues (Materiality)"

Activities that lead to the goals of the SDGs

We are promoting.

Incorporating SDGs into the framework of management strategy

Matinosumi is also working to achieve the SDGs

We will actively promote it.

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We are working with the motto of connecting people and the city.

Connecting people and the city is the Izumimachi shopping district

Reconstruction of the surrounding area,

It also leads to excitement.

It also makes people's lives easier

I will do my best.

For children who are not familiar with school

We are happy to help you create a place to stay.

Free school is 3 days a week.

Get in touch with various people

That you can have many experiences in the city

We are implementing the goal.


Machinoisemi is

We rent free Wi-Fi and free chargers.

Not only the office worker's remote work

Remote lessons for college students

Also used for high school students studying for exams

We recommend it.

"310 Shokudo ( Children's Shokudo ) " started mainly as a measure against lonely eating

It is held once a month on Saturday.

Currently to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Instead of eating and drinking in the store, take out style,

It is used by many people.

Physical and mental health is a top priority for working in the city. So, "Health of myself and my family"

To realize "further contribution to society"

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Chiropractic and chiropractic treatment,

We also specialize in beauty and perform treatments by aroma therapists.

You can receive it.

Transforming Our World

( Transforming our world )


To create a better world

Each country, each company, each one,

Each community, each individual.

Each in their own position

Act on this connected world,

Let's contribute!



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